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Artist Statement
Montana is an endless source of inspiration for my artwork. The land, the animals, the history of Montana are all part of my paintings. The subjects in my work are from the experiences I have enjoyed. My goal is to share my experience with the viewers.

The landscape, from the plains to the mountains, is a subject in constant change. Its many colors, textures and changes in light keep my eyes constantly composing painting even when I don’t have a brush in my hand. When building a painting I work on location to build the painting until its almost done. I leave it for a few days then finish it back in the studio. Most of the time I have two or three paintings started at any given time.

Sculpture is an interesting endeavor for me. After years of painting, the three dimensional form has sparked new energy. My subjects in my sculptures are inspired by motion and expression. Each piece takes on a life of its own from conception to completion. It develops from sketches, to the armature, to the clay creating the model. The model always changes in small ways as its character evolves.