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"Wings of Honor"

Teton County Veteran Memorial
A very special community project.

Being married to a Viet Nam veteran, I am in awe of the courage and sacrifice veterans have made for our country. Montana has an extraordinary amount of veterans who have served our country. Teton county is no exception.

My husband is an active member of the American Legion, Post 80, here in Fairfield. The Legion members had been discussing the possibility of adding something to the community park, which is the American Legion Park, that would represent all veterans. They talked about bringing in retired equipment such as a tank or plane. There wasn't much enthusiasm for that idea since its all too common in small town parks. The group asked what ideas I had, being the "local artist". I gave the project some thought and came up with a fairly simple pentagon design with the branch emblems I had seen at other Legion and VFW clubs. I built a small scale model out of mat board and presented it as a starting point. The Teton County Veteran Memorial grew from that point.

We started a memorial committee to work on the project. Soon they asked about walls for names of service men who would like to be honored with a tile. I came up with a V shaped walls which pointed to the points on the pentagon. Then I suggested that pedestal would make a nice base for a sculpture. They loved the idea and asked if I would come up with a concept for the memorial. That certainly made me pause. What an honor, to help the veterans with this project which will have a lasting impact on our community and felt overwhelmed at the same time. This would push me to build something entirely different in design and subject matter.

"Wings of Honor"
This sculpture was conceived as a pair of hands, representing all veterans, releasing 5 doves. One dove for each branch of the service, the doves, being the symbol of peace.

For more information about TCVM please follow the link to the website
Teton County Veteran Memorial.